Create your own #INSlowMoments

During this unprecedented time, it can be difficult to take time for ourselves, to slow down, and to find joy in the small constants in life. In 2020 we're encouraging you to pause and connect with the Indiana landscapes that have inspired generations of Hoosiers. 


While we can’t be together to hit the trails and experience nature this Next Indiana Campfires season, we’re excited to launch Next Indiana Campfires: Slow Moments, a program that encourages Hoosiers like you to slow down and appreciate the beauty Indiana has to offer. 

To participate: 

Go to your favorite Indiana nature spot. Bring your picnic blanket, pup or pent-up children. Stay for a while. Look. Listen. Scout the area for the best filming location. 

After finding your scenic spot, take a minute-long slow video, like the ones below. Capture the sights and sounds. Stay in the moment—don’t worry about production value. 

Make sure the video is saved to your camera roll. You’re in luck— slow videos don’t need to be edited or cut. 

Post your slow video to Instagram, tagging @INHumanities and using #INSlowMoments. Share where your video was taken if you’d like, or keep your special Indiana spot a secret. 

If you complete steps one through four, congratulations! You’ll be entered to win a Next Indiana Campfires prize pack. 


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Next Indiana Campfires is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust. 

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